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Matala, South Crete

The small village of Matala became famous through the hippies in the 60s. They lived in caves on the edge of a beautiful west facing sandy beach. The caves are centuries old. According to legend, Zeus, the father of the gods, went ashore here with the king´s daughter, Europa. Today the caves are protected. From the beach one can see the holes in the sand stone cliffs. The unique location and the developing "flair" drew so many back packers that Matala became known as the "in" meeting place. Cretans are very business orientated and adopted it.

Today there are many basic hotels and studios in and around Matala. During the day there are droves of day-trippers from the north coast. Not until evening can one sense a little of the original mood. Matala is still known today for its laxity. Those not looking for five star comforts will feel at home here for a few days, especially in June or September.

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